Settlement in Sha Lo Tung began as early as three centuries ago. Making the best use of the special terrain, villagers built numerous terrace fields and cultivated paddy rice as well as all kinds of crops over the years. As local farming thrived, villages grew and biodiversity was enriched.

Today, as the first step of rebuilding the ecology of Sha Lo Tung, we have to revitalize local farming.

The benefits are many. Local farming contributes to a certain level of self-subsistence for the Hong Kong economy. To Sha Lo Tung, the more diverse are the agricultural activities and crop species, the more improvement to the overall ecology and environment will be seen.

Sha Lo Tung Greenfield -- a social enterprise set up by local villagers was established to rebuild agriculture in the area. Apart from local villagers, volunteers are recruited to help with the farming work. At present, the farmland occupies an area of about one hectare. To prevent any potential adverse impacts on nearby streams and ecology, the site is located at a high altitude and eco-friendly organic farming approach is adopted. Over 50 different crops including pineapples, tomatoes and bitter melons have been produced so far.